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jesus h christ i wish i had a little gnome to sit on my shoulder all day and tell me not to buy shit i don’t need


Has anyone noticed that the tumblr logo is just an upside-down facebook logo? Is this common knowledge, or have I just stumbled across some warped dan brown-esque conspiracy??

  • Edgar Allen Paw
  • Emperor Meow
  • Purtrude Stein
  • Pawcrates
  • A mysterious figure emerges from the shadows
  • me: FUCK he's a murderer lord jesus im gonna die
  • stranger: *takes out and applies chapstick*
  • me: oh thank god hello good sir

Omg there are currently 7 half empty glasses of water in my room. It’s like Signs up in this bitch.


Can I just hire a band to follow me around playing the Amelie soundtrack while I go about my day-to-day business? I feel like it would make my life 6.7x10^8 times better.

#Amelie  #musings  

It is decided:

A string quartet is going to play the Amelie soundtrack at my wedding

Urologists: what straight med student decides he wants to spend his life looking at patients’ flaccid penises? I just don’t understand.

Same with Gastroenterologists. Like, who is fascinated enough with human feces to make it their life-long career?

Also, what’s the deal with all these male gynecologists? And why doesn’t society see them as perves? They get payed to look at vaginas all day!

What is this nonsense?


I’m always slightly paranoid that my glass of water contains an invisible but very real mini sea serpent. Like I’d just be taking a sip and suddenly this thing latches on to my upper lip and lets out a deafening screech.

Completely Rational Fear #378


my aspiration in life is to become that elderly gentleman in the liberty medical commercials who talks about having diabeetis