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A Long Companionship

A documentary capturing the life of my grandparents at their English countryside estate.

fun day with fronds

Becca appreciation post

A campaign video I made for the Film Production Coalition secretary position. I got elected!

Right Here by Evan Neff

A short, experimental film I made for my production class. The assignment was to create a film using only still photos.

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I had an assignment in film class where I had to take two pictures, changing one element of mise-en-scéne and keeping everything else the same. I chose to experiment with lighting.

Fun stuff.


Evan Neff

We spontaneously decided to camp out in a nearby meadow. The stars were so bright. In the morning, rays of sunlight shone brilliantly through the tent flap. It was a great outing.


Boarding - Evan Neff

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GAAAHH I love this campus.